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WC Timber has set forth an initiative to create an environmental responsibility to both the land owners and for the many generations to come.  Reuse, Reduce, Recycle has become a main point of business for WC Timber.  With the introduction of our new Biomass Chipper, we now are able to reduce the amount of waste in our day to day business.  Our Biomass chipper allows us to use viable debris that would normally be a by product with normal timber companies.  We are able to process limbs, smaller no value trees, stumps, and other debris that would normally litter the landscape.  By doing this we not only leave an area more appealing, but help the value of the property as well.  Normal practices would leave an area full of debris that would have to be disposed of.  Burning of the by product is the most common way an area would be cleaned up.  This not only wastes the by product, but emits massive amounts of carbon dioxide that is one of the leading cause of Global warming.  Another option is to have the waste transported to a local land field.  This is not only a costly measure, but contributes to the ever growing problem of causing landfills to reach full capacity. 
Our Biomass chipper can reduce the amount of waste by over 90%.  What would normally be waste is now turned into a renewable energy source.  Oglethorpe Power Corp has announced plans to build at least two Biomass plants utilizing timber waste from the logging industry in Georgia.  These plants would take product from the Biomass chipper and power two 100-megawatt plants which would provide power to over 120,000 homes. In recent months Georgia Power asked state regulators for approval to convert a coal-fired plant to run on biomass to increase power capacity and reduce the amount of green house gases being emitted into our atmosphere.  
WC Timber has made a commitment to be environmentally friendly and make strides to increase the value of the land owners property.  This is why WC Timber has continued to grow at a rapid pace in the Southeast.  Reuse, Reduce, Recycle...  may be just words to some companies, but to WC Timber it is commitment to the land owner, the community, and the world.

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